Rails for Windows Shortcut available now!

Posted by Brian in News, Projects, Rails (May 14th, 2007)

Rails for Windows Shortcut

If you’re looking to get started with Ruby on Rails and you’re a Windows user, this book will walk you through setting up some of the tools you’ll need, as well as show you how connect to Microsoft SQL Server and set up Capistrano. Of course, this is targeted at people who are new to Ruby on Rails and come from the Windows platform.

Curt Hibbs wrote the first chapter, where he showcases how to use RadRails and InstantRails to create a quick and easy setup.

The book covers

  • InstantRails and RadRails
  • Installation with the One Click Ruby Installer
  • Installing RMagick
  • Working with MySQL and SQL Server
  • Setting up a simple Subversion repository on Windows
  • Using SQLite and scaffold_resource to rapidly prototype a simple application
  • Using Capistrano
    … and more.

So check it out, won’t you?

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