mongrel_service broken on Windows again.

Posted by Brian in News, Rails (January 1st, 2008)

If you’re working with the mongrel_service gem then you should know that right now there’s a few kinks in the system.

Here’s a quick rundown of the setup for Rails on Windows from scratch:

Download the One Click Ruby Installer and run the setup program.

Open a command prompt and type these commands:

gem update --system
gem install rails
gem install mongrel
gem install win32-service -v '0.5.2'
gem install mongrel_service

The key to this is that the win32-service gem is currently broken, so switching to a previous version (0.5.2) works great for us. Credit for this goes to Luis Laverna, the creator of the mongrel_service gem. See the discussion.

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  1. Waqas said,
    on February 11th, 2008 at 10:06 pm

    Hi Brian, I am using your ‘reverse proxy fix’ plugin to host my app. Since I have moved to 2.0.2 and got latest of the plugin, I noticed a thing that is sort of annoying. For example, when I was using rails 1.2.6, your plugin worked fine with “/myapp” as BASE_URL in config. Now I have to supply complete “http://machinename/myapp” as BASE_URL so this way I cannot access my app with IP, since I have mentioned it explicitly as machinename. Please look into it. Thanks.

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