Fixing TextMate for Rails 2.0

Posted by Brian in Rails, Testing, tips (November 7th, 2008)

Rails 2.0 and above have some changes that break Textmate, a very popular development environment for Rails developers.

Running Tests

Rails 2.0 projects generate unit and functional tests with a relative require to test_helper. This change breaks
the Command-R (Run) and Command-Shift-R (Run Focused Unit Test) commands to fail since they can’t
include the necessary helpers. I finally spent a little time figuring this one out and the
answer is to modify the bundle commands themselves.

Open up the bundle editor, locate the Ruby bundle, and choose to edit the &lquot;Run&rquot; command.

Change it from


to this:


Now edit the &lquot;Run Focused Unit Test&rquot; command and make the same change.

Fixing incompatibilities with Builder

Rails 2.0 contains its own version of builder.rb. We have to take out the original one that TextMate provided
so our stuff starts working again.

mv /Applications/ /Applications/ 

New Rails bundle

Open a new terminal and type this:

  cd "~/Library/Application Support/TextMate/Bundles"
  git clone git:// "Ruby on Rails.tmbundle"

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