RailsConf – Don’t Mock Yourself Out.

Posted by Brian in News, Rails (May 5th, 2009)

David Chelimsky gave a great presentation on mocking and stubbing. I liked the fact that he talked about a lot of the fears that people have when they do rely on mocks and stubs. It was also nice to see someone clearly state that one of the problems we have in the Rails community when it comes to testing frameworks (and most other libraries) is that people tend to promote their own projects while trashing other libraries. He challenged an audience member to create a site where we could write up comparisons.

Highlights of the talk:

  • Stubs vs. mocks
  • “Ravioli” code where everything is clumped up in nice separate concerns
  • “Calzone” code, like Rails, which is harder to test in isolation.
  • Stubble, a wonderful-sounding library that can completely stub out an ActiveRecord object, which will be usable in every testing framework.

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