lazy_developer gets some TLC

Posted by Brian in News, Projects, Rails (June 10th, 2009)

lazy_developer is a Ruby on Rails plugin I use on a lot of my projects to make my life easier as a developer. It’s a collection of Rake tasks that automate some common operations. Some of the more interesting features it provides are

  • the ability to dump a database to YAML format and then pull it back in again
  • a simple way to obliterate models, controllers, views, helpers, and related files easily (in the case of a refactor or a fat-fingered typo
  • a method to compact your migrations into a single migration file
  • and of course, automatically clone your test database whenever you migrate

Today, Kevin Gisi and I gave this plugin some much-needed love and attention after we discovered a few problems. Here’s what’s new:

Data exporting works with Rails versions prior to 2.0

Got an old database you’d like to pull in? This now works in Rails 1.2.3!

Data dumping works much better now!

We noticed some duplicate records sneaking into the output files, and it was due to a mistake I made when I implemented my own version of record pagination. It wasn’t limiting correctly, and Kevin quickly spotted the reason why. It also wasn’t storing records in the YAML file properly either, which I also resolved.

This is tested on Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, and SQLite3.

Migration compacting works now

This was patched a few days ago and merged in, but I flip-flopped a couple of lines during a merge and it made it into the master branch that way. Kevin decided he’d like support for Subversion for this, so he added it. I’ll add in Git support very soon.

Interested in using this on your projects? Go get lazy_developer right now!

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